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The Department has a rich history of more than three decades. It has done yeoman’s service in the field of English language and literature and has carved a niche for itself amongst the top colleges of Chandigarh. In the year 2007, Functional English was added as a subject of study for those who wish to enhance their English proficiency as the subject seeks to help students in communicating with confidence and fluency on a range of issues that concern their daily lives. The process of transforming the lives of our students was possible through focus, hard work and commitment as we do not believe in sitting on our laurels, but in keeping pace with the new researches, trends and insights that give us a sense of satisfaction to have achieved what had been our vision when we started the journey of teaching. We believe in invigorating the classroom in diverse ways by providing skills and knowledge that are needed to thrive the competitive and challenging twenty-first century society. We have always taken care to uphold our academic and professional responsibilities, and this quality of work is manifest in the teaching standards that the faculty attempts to rigorously adhere to. The Department believes in an informed interpersonal discussion on what suits the needs of its students. We are continually working to support and assist all students, especially those who are in the direst of straights concerning the learning of the subject. We aim at developing their fluency to become more comfortable in the English curriculum and thus recognize that given some space and freedom, our students can fly high. Therefore, we always attempt to keep our eyes ahead, staying focused on what can be done to assist our students so that when a new day begins, they dare to smile gratefully and when there is darkness, they dare to be the first to shine a light and be the best they can!

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